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Muhammad Akbar

City : Al-Noor colony Bahawalpur
Profession : Shop Keeper

My name is Muhammad Akbar; I am a resident of Al-Noor colony Bahawalpur. I have taken loan the 4th time. Three years back from today, I had no house of my own to live in as my parents asked to live independently after my marriage.

I was very upset and life seemed hopeless. Then I began to work as laborer while living in a rented house. I wanted do something on my own but I didn’t have sufficient funds. My friends suggested me to take loan on interest basis but I wasn’t satisfied with those loans.

Then another friend of mine told me of Akhuwat and of their interest free loans. The next day I reached Akhuwat’s office and applied for loan. My 1st approved loan was of Rs. 20,000/- with that money I opened a grocery store. I believe it was the blessing of the interest free loan that I excelled in my business over night and then applying the 2nd and 3rd loan I finally was able to construct my own house. Also I have expanded my business over time and this all started with the help of Akhuwat’s interest free loan. I wish them all the best and pray for their overnight unbounded success.

Muhammad Kamran

Profession : Supplying water

I’m Muhammad Kamran. I live in a rented house and we are 5 family members in total. I was drowning in adversity and I was worried for my livelihood. Meanwhile, a representative of Akhuwat was in our town for his official visit.

Suddenly I came across him when he began to inquire from me about one of neighbor. After answering his queries, I asked him where he came from and what was he doing. He enlightened me about Akhuwat and its mission of alleviating poverty by means of interest free loans. I was over joyed to know about Akhuwat and the very next day I went to their branch office inquiring information about loan application. I organized a group in my town and applied for a group loan. After a month I got Rs. 30,000/-. With this amount I bought an auto for supplying water to different houses. Today, with the grace of Almighty, I have a healthy income and I live a peaceful life with my family. I am grateful to Akhuwat, who helped me in breaking the chains of poverty. I pray for Akhuwat’s success and prosperity.

Mahboob Hussain

Profession : Shop Keeper

My name is Mahboob Hussain. I have studied upto/till middle due to lack of finances. Since I’m the eldest so I had to assist my father in earning for the family. I worked in factories, in vegetable market for providing education to my younger siblings.

Then eventually I got married and using some savings I was able to open up a tuck shop but my family and I were living hand to mouth. I was hopeful that one day our circumstances will improve. Then one day Akhuwat opened up its branch in my town of residence. I applied for loan and with the loan money of Rs. 15,000/- I was able to add more stock to my shop. By the grace of Almighty, I began to receive viable profit. Then I got a second loan of Rs. 35,000 and a 4th loan of Rs. 45,000. With these loans today, I have a well-established grocery store. My children study in private schools. It is with the help of Akhuwat that I have successfully improved my standard of living by large. I pray for Akhuwat’s success and I wish that it keeps enlightening the lives of many more people who are in need as I was.

Shahida Perveen

City: Sadiq Abad

I’m Shahida Perveen and I am a resident of awami colony, Sadiq Abad. My husband was the sole bread earned of our family. But his income wasn’t sufficient so I began to deal in glass bottles. Then one day I found out about Akhuwat and I applied there for a group interest free loan.

My loan application got approved readily after preliminary inquiry. With the loan money I added more stock to my business of glass bottles. By increasing my Stock, I was able to ensure a viable increase in my monthly income. Now me and my husband buy scrape from different places and sell it. Today we are living a healthy and confident life, all due to assistance and help of Akhuwat. I am heartily grateful for Akhuwat’s help and I wish them a prosperous future.

Syed Imdad Shah

City: Sadiq Abad

Syed Imdad Shah is a taylor. He learned the skill of tailoring but when he opened his shop first, it wasn’t a successful plan. Being disappointed, he quit tailloring and began to work as a laborer. But the innate passion didn’t let him give up and with the help of some savings, he again opened up a tailoring shop.

Then one day his friend told him of Akhuwat and its interest free loans. Imdad didn’t believe it and decided to verify the news himself first. It took him 6 months to make up his mind and when eventually he was sure of Akhwuat’s selfless service he applied for loan. He got an initial loan of Rs. 20,000/- with this loan he bought two sewing machines and hired one support staff member. He began to earn a healthy income and thus he applied for the 2nd loan. With the 2nd loan he bought an embroidery machine since due to old age he found it hard to stitch clothes. His son also joined him at his shop while Imdad transferred most of the duties to his son. Now Imdad is living a healthy life, sometimes he buys fabric from Faisalabad and sometimes form Multan. According to Imdad, Akuwat’s loan for him has been like water for a dried plant. His daily income rose to Rs. 1200/- and he acquired the finances to send his children to school living a healthy life. He is heartily thankful to Akhuwat and prays for their ever bright future.