Book Review: Akhuwat Ka Safar by Dr. Amjad Saqib

The book ‘Akhuwat ka Safar’ is not merely a travelogue but it is an inspiration which casts its enchanting effect upon soft hearted people. It is a piece of guidance which leads the noble minds to the way of making an eternal contribution to this mortal world. It is an encouragement for everyone to spare some moments of life for those who are related to them through the relationship of humanity. It provides a unique way of passing life which is devoted for the purpose of helping those who are deprived of the worldly amenities but yet keep the spirit to live with respect. It is a thought pattern, existence of which is an assurance to the survival of human values and virtues in this world. It is a teaching of ‘Akhuwat’ upon which the edifice of Islamic brotherhood stands and a practical way of implementing that part of Islamic ideology.

The book is a wonderful piece of writing and it keeps its readers engaged in its ideas and philosophies which have been discussed by Dr. Amjad Saqib in the simplest of manners and without letting those become burden for its reader. Dr. Saqib conveys all his messages entailing Islamic brotherhood, interest free economic system and rights of financially deprived people with such politeness which eliminates every possibility of displeasure to those who may disagree with his opinions. Besides that the book contains a good deal of information about various cities and popular personalities of America, which can be of particular interest for those who enjoy such information.

Dr. Saqib, somehow, in this book provokes its readers to think about the very aim and object of the creation of this world and demonstrates that how the economic structure adopted by Akhuwat is a better course to the fulfillment of that objective than what has been widely adopted in the world. The world was not created with a purpose to create a permanent imbalance between the poor and the rich by introducing the interest system but the rich were put in charge of the wealth with the duty to pass it on to the deserving during their hours of need. He makes it understand to his readers that the blessing of wealth always comes with the duty to share.

The book is also a food for thought for the economic experts and a splendid topic for the students of economics to research upon the new economic models, which can replace the existing ones in order to bring an economic harmony between the nations and the states. It glaringly points out that the responsibility of non-ending poverty is not upon the poor but upon the system, they are subject to. It guides that there are different modes of doing charity and the best may not necessarily be the one to permanently hand over the valuables to the others but may be the one to create a permanent source of livelihood for them.

A very significant aspect of this book is that despite its having been authored by Dr. Saqib, it seems to have been contributed by all those who have ever been associated with the Akhuwat mission, though, in any manner. Dr. Saqib in this book admires all those individuals and organizations which, at different forums, thrive for the noble purpose of eliminating poverty and helping the poor in their stricken circumstances. This particular aspect of the book makes it a splendor with a message that a noble cause does not involve any competition but only aims at the objective.

The beauty of the writing style of this book is that each and every para of this book speaks for the love of the author for his piece. Every word seems to have been placed in it with care and diligence and every remark pertaining to any individual or organization has been classified in a manner to add up respect and reverence to their self.

The book ‘Akhuwat ka Safar’ is a real demonstration of what Iqbal said,

“Iraday Jinke Pukhta Hon, Nazar Jinki Khuda par Ho

Talatam khez Maujon Se, Vo Ghabraya Nahin karte”

“Those, who aim high with firmest of determinations

No challenges can block their way to their destination”

The book is a must read for people from all walks of life as its lessons are not limited to any particular class but the pleasure of reading it is equal for all virtuous minds.

Writer is a practicing lawyer based in Lahore, lecturer of commercial law and founding partner at Hussain & Associates;

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