Lahore: With the mission of lighting up the lives of those whose world is shrouded in darkness, Akhuwat has signed an MoU with the College of Ophthalmology and Life Sciences, Mayo Hospital for Cornea transplant. According to the agreement, Akhuwat will donate corneas from the deceased to the hospital who will implant it for free on deserving patients. Through this initiative, 11% of the people in Pakistan who become blind every year because of a cornea problem, can be given the gift of eye sight back. Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Amjad Saqib said that more than 11% of the people in Pakistan, especially young individuals get affected by this disease.

The project is catered specifically towards the poor and deserving, who cannot afford to get a cornea implant from abroad. The two organizations have also agreed to work together to raise awareness about cornea donation in Pakistan.