Lend With Care


CARE International UK is part of the CARE International confederation, which is one of the world’s leading aid and development organizations. In 2010, CARE International UK started a project named with “lendwithcare”. Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity. Lendwithcare allows you to lend as little as £15 to fund a small business and once your money is repaid you can choose to recycle your loan to support another poor entrepreneur, or withdraw your money. Lendwithcare is an initiative of poverty fighting charity, CARE International UK. In April, 2013 lendwithcare started work with Akhuwat through an MOU.

Major Objectives of the Project:

  • To reach out to the low-income groups of people living in Gilgit Baltistan and support them with interest free loans enabling them to earn their livelihoods.
  • To help improve the socio-economic conditions of the target segment of the society through financial and social inclusion.
  • To promote self-employment.

Salient Features of Project:

  • Loan size ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000.
  • More Shariah-complaint loans are being provided for expanding and establishing business to economically active people.
  • Business and social loans are offered.
  • Loans are disbursed in mosques/church to ensure transparency and participation.
  • Loans are given after due scrutiny and appraisal according to an eligibility criterion, on first come first serve basis.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant having the ability to run / initiate business activity.
  • Applicant must give her/him consent of publishing her/his picture on Lendwithcare website.
  • Having age between 18- 60 years.
  • Applicant should have valid CNIC.
  • Having the ability to run initiate business activity having age between 18-60 years.
  • Applicant should be economically active.
  • Applicant should not be convicted of any criminal offence in lieu of which proceeding are in progress.
  • Applicant should have good social and moral character in his community.
  • Applicant should have capacity to provide two guarantors other than family members.

Progress Report (30th June 2019)

Total Benefiting Families 17,077
Total loans disbursed – Males 10,655
Total loans disbursed – Females 6,422
Amount Disbursed PKR 449,974,000
Percentage Recovery 100%
Active Loans 3,825