Khwajasira Support Program

The social and economic exclusion of the Khwajasira or transgender (Third Gender) community in Pakistan has left them dependent on alms, vulnerable to exploitation and increasingly susceptible to abuse. Realizing this and the consequent need for action in this arena, Akhuwat, in collaboration with Fountain House launched the Akhuwat Khwajasira Support Program in 2011. The program works with the vision of creating a system of support for members of the Khwajasira community. This is done through economic and social interventions whereby thousands of Khwajasiras have been registered across the country and are supported through direct financial assistance, health services, psychological support and acquisition of identity documents.

Akhuwat aims to facilitate the successful integration of Khwajasiras within the social fabric of society while maintaining their distinct identity. We do not wish to reform or recreate their culture or traditions. Instead we work to uplift this marginalized community by initiating and implementing such sustainable efforts and programs that will guarantee self-reliance and income generation while also alleviating social exclusion. Ever since its inception, AKSP has become a symbol of strenuous efforts, unparalleled activism and a beacon of joy and hope for over 2000 registered Khwajasiras. These years have been a myriad of the accounts of the Khwajasira community.

Member Benefits

  • Unique Akhuwat ID Card
  • Income Support
    • Rs.89 Million Disbursed as a monthly stipend of Rs.1200
  • Economic Rehabilitation
    • Interest Free Loans
    • Financial Literacy
    • Capacity Building Trainings and Workshops
    • Career Counseling and Employment Opportunities
  • Health Services
    • Annual Screening For HIV/Aids, Hepatitis B And C, Syphilis
    • Monthly Health Checkups
    • Dispensation of Free Medicines at Our Events
  • Mapping of Khwajasira Community & Research Based Interventions
  • Psycho-Social Therapy
    • Team of psychologists and psychiatrists available at Fountain House have been made accessible on a regular basis
  • Sensitization Campaigns for Social Acceptance
  • Community Dialogue
    • Monthly gatherings
    • Motivational Sessions
    • Peer Guidance Through Promoting Role Models
    • Sense of Belonging To Akhuwat And Society At Large
    • Games and Competitions (Poetry, Singing, Naat recitation, Mehndi design etc)
  • Celebration on Special Occasions
    • Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi
    • Pakistan Day: (23 March)
    • Independence Day: (14 August)
    • Defense of Pakistan Day: (06 September)
    • Christmas and Birth Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam: (25 December)
    • Ramadan Iftar

Eligibility Criteria

  • Khwajasiras 40 years or older
  • Monthly income less than Rs.10,000

Linkages Established

  • Unilever Pakistan
  • International Fashion Academy Pakistan [IFAP]
  • Punjab Skills Development Fund
  • Punjab AIDS Control Program
  • Mayo Hospital Lahore
  • Research collaboration with King Edward Medical University (KEMU) and Kinnaird College (KC)
  • Birth Defect Foundation
  • Red Crescent Pakistan

How can you help ?

  • Connect a Khwajasira you know to the AKSP
  • Spread the message of AKSP i.e. compassion towards Khwajasiras
  • Employ a Khwajasira, seek assistance from AKSP to identify a suitable candidate for your business
  • Fund a stipend for a Khwajasira
  • Provide a Khwajasira with Qarz –e-Hasan Interest Free microfinance loan to set up own business
  • Register as a volunteer


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