We’re building Pakistan’s First Fee-Free University to make education accessible for all aspiring students.
As Dr Muhammad Amjad Saqib says: This is the power of Solidarity (Mawakhat)

We are thankful to our backers for #Buyabrickbuildauniversity campaign on the UpEffect

We have some amazing **LIMITED EDITION** gifts very kindly gifted by our generous supporters who believe in promoting ‘Solidarity’ (Mawakhaat) with the most underprivileged (and often neglected) of our society.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our compassionate influencers who came all out to help shoulder this huge undertaking Akhuwat has taken upon their shoulders to provide quality #free #education to deserving students.
Big shout out to Mohammed Abbasi and Paul Salahuddin Armstrong to come all the way from Birmingham…to Asad Shan for taking time out for the shoot even though he’s travelling tomorrow.

Thanks to Muse Dubai